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interSeptor Pro 8-port [09.10032]

InterSeptor Pro 8-ports (8 dual sensors include temperature / humidity)

The interSeptor Pro is a sophisticated network monitoring system for Rack, Server Room and Data Center that monitors environmental conditions of the room and the rack and provides early warning in case of failure of air conditioning and any other conditions that may threaten the smooth functioning of an enterprise .

Moreover, the interSeptor Pro can also be used for extensive data recording temperature / humidity charts and analysis to help you not only to ensure the operation of your equipment under ideal conditions, but also to directly locate the desired level of air conditioning to to maximize energy savings.

Internet price(With V.A.T.): 2.782,560€ 

Remote Monitoring System

Designed to be easy to install and use, the interSeptor Pro is available in 3 models:

• 8-Port with 8 x temperature sensors, humidity
• 16-Port with 16 x Temperature sensors, humidity
• 24-Port with 24 x Temperature sensors, humidity

In combination with early-warning notification via e-mail, SNMP, SMS, the interSeptor Pro will help ensure optimal operating conditions for the Rack or Computer Room, and that any corrective actions can directly where to arise in temperature rack or any other alarm condition.

The unique design interSeptor Pro is possible at each dual sensor temperature / humidity to connect 2 additional sensors alarm Go-Probe (water leakage, safety, tobacco, electricity, etc.). For example interSeptor Pro 24 ports (including 24 dual sensor temperature / humidity) can connect up to 48 additional alarm sensors, providing full flexibility over time on the installation of sensors.

It is worth mentioning that each dual sensor temperature / humidity associated with interSeptor Pro UTP5 through cable provided so much flexibility and ease of installation.

Overview Features

    Supports up to 24 x dual sensors temperature / humidity
    Supports up to 48 x more external sensors
    Send alerts (alerts) via e-mail, SNMP, SMS.
    Web Browser Interface for remote monitoring
    Up to 6 relay outputs for automated crisis management and field
    built-in display monitoring and graphs
    User defined alarm thresholds
    Wide variety of optional sensors
    Cat5 cabling for dual sensors temperature / humidity for maximum flexibility to the user


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