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Product Description

1) no need to set any cables, immediate use once set-up in a few minutes.

2) when comer presses the doorway camera (transmitter), the indoors monitor
(receiver) will automatically turn on with "dingdong" sound.At the same time,
The house-owner/user can see clear image of the comer on the receiver and talk
To the comer.The system can automatically turn off 10 seconds after interlocution is stopped.If the comer and user don't talk to each other, the system will automatically turn off 25 seconds after the doorbell button is pressed.

3) when no comer, the indoors receiver can be used as a 2.4ghz wireless security monitor, which can receive a/v signals from up to three 2.4ghz wireless cameras.User can buy additional 2.4ghz wireless cameras from our company.

4) when no comer, user can view the doorway scene transmitted from the doorway
Camera by pressing the camera on the indoors monitor.

5) when it is used as monitor, at this time, if a comer presses the doorbell button on the doorway camera (transmitter), the screen of receiver will automatically shift to comer's image with "dingdong" sound and automatically resume original monitored image after the doorbell function is completed.

6) the doorway camera is powered by two lr14 batteries, which can last over half
A year.

7) over 300 feet (100 meters) transmission range without encumbrance.

8) components:1 b/w indoors monitor(receiver) + 1 b/w doorway camera
(transmitter) + 1 ac adaptor for the monitor.

Store price: 120,000€ 
Internet price(With V.A.T.): 105,854€  68,200€ 

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