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Automation-Remote-GSM/GPS » Remote /GSM /GPRS » Receivers Remote-Kit garage doors, roller shutters, alarm etc. » Remote control 2-Channel 433MHz with 4 Remotes
Remote control 2-Channel 433MHz with 4 Remotes [11 02 02 00 005 01]

Wireless remote control receiver 2 channel with 4 remote control 12V DC. It has 2 contacts (NO or NC) which can act as either On / Off as Push-On or operating alternately the two commands ( actuators) by placing jamper the proper position.
Used in security systems , to expand wireline unit with wireless function arming / disarming , in entry system - bell and so on.
To copy the remote controls or to put the jumper in the appropriate places , we open the lid of the receiver :

Store price: 40,000€ 
Internet price(With V.A.T.): 34,276€ 

 The jumper is not in any position : Run Command Push-On in each relay receiver when we press the positions A and B on the remote.
    The jumper on one (1) position : Run alternately On / Off operation of the relay receiver.
    The jumper to the other position ( 2 ) Carry On / Off operation of the relay receiver
    To import remote press the learn button on the receiver once and then press the remote control that I want to rip up to light the led.

Item Details
Place of production : China
Use: on remote control alarm bells
Operating frequency :433MHz
Operating voltage : DC12V
Receiver sensitivity :-100dB
Output: Two-channel switch
Coding Type : Fixed code
Max. Load : 7A

Operating Voltage : DC 12V
Max. Load : 7A
Operating frequency : 433MHz
Sensitivity :-100dB
Coding Type : Fixed code
Output: Two-channel switch

remote Control:
Operating Voltage : DC 12V (23A/12V battery)
Operating Current : 10mA
Power : 10mW
Modulation : ASK
Transmitted Frequency : 433MHz
Oscillation resistance : 4.7MO / 3.3M
Transmission distance : up to 100m
Coding Type : Fixed code
Color : Black

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