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How to Order

1. Order On-Line
You can order online 24 hours a day while you are at our online store, following the directions of the system by adding on the market.

2. Call
Along with the possibility that you may contact us by phone (opening hours of the store) at 210 9949879, you can proceed to purchase the items that interest you.

3. By Fax
You can also order by fax 210 9949874 24 hours.

4. By e-mail
You can still send us your order by e-mail at:
Note: Paragraphs 1, 3 and 4 you can send your order at all hours and days including holidays and public holidays.

All invoices will be issued to companies and freelancers if completed when ordering the following information: Name, VAT, Tax, occupation, address of head office, telephone.

The invoices will be issued for areas subject to a reduced rate of VAT, the delivery of goods will be in the area where the company is based.

For any questions about how to order, please contact us at tel 210-9949879 or e-mail:

The Μikra Electronics company states that you will fulfill your orders based on product availability and while stocks as required by the general conditions applicable to www.mikra.gr on product sales.

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