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Automation-Remote-GSM/GPS » Control Automation for Rolling Shutters, Windows, bars, tents etc » Automation Control Panels-Single Hinged, Sliding, Bar » R2010D Motor Control - Remote 230VAC for rolling or sliding doors
R2010D Motor Control - Remote 230VAC for rolling or sliding doors [R2010D]

Remote control panel and motor control suitable for rolling or sliding doors.
This device is made in Greece from autotech, has two years warranty and Service unlimited time.

Store price: 69,000€ 
Internet price(With V.A.T.): 54,900€ 

Operating voltage 230 Vac motor
Built on a receiver 433.92 MHz PLL.
It can store up to 250 remote.
Setting automatic closing
Automatic recognition of motor terminals.
Inputs for safety devices such as photocells, pressure switch, safety switches
Input for automatic opening of motion tracking devices, such as magnetic loop, infrared sensor
Input for command pushbutton (BUTTON), keyboards.
Outputs for warning lamp, security lights, garden.
Diagnostic Led to control all inputs during installation and operation of the door.
Box dimensions 130Ch95Ch40mm PCB: 100CH85
  Technology SMD / CE Compliance

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